User Manual of InstaShow Photo Story

Turn Photos into Video with Instant Preview

InstaShow Photo Story is available on the iTunes App Store. It works with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, The New iPad (iPad 3), iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad mini, and more.

To get started, download and install InstaShow Photo Story onto your iOS device.

Download InstaShow Photo Story from App Store

1. Select Photos

Open InstaShow Photo Story.

Tap the New Photo Story to create a new project. Then you can add photos to the project. InstaShow Photo Story lets you load photos from Camera Roll and Instagram.

New Story   open photos   Add photos

2. Edit Photos (Optional)

Optionally, you can edit the added photos. InstaShow Photo Story lets you crop the image. You can also edit the photos with the built-in photo editor tool.

Crop photo   Edit photo

3. Custom Story

Tap the Next button to go to custom your photo story. You can set duration for the slides, add background music, enable Pan & Zoom, add title, etc.

Custom Story

4. Create Video

Tap the Finish button to start to encode your photo story to a video file.

encode video   create video

5. Share Video

When the encoding is done, you can tap the Share button to choose to save the video to Camera Roll, email the video, and share the video to Instagram.

share video